The Subtle Body

As I understand the energy body from studying kundalini yogic philosophy: six of the Ten Bodies make up the Energy Body. They are the Arcline; Aura; Pranic Body; Subtle Body and Radiant Body.

The Subtle Body is etheric, it is extremely close to the Soul, it is said that just after death the Subtle Body carries the Soul out of the body to the blue ethers. If the Subtle Body is strong, we are able to perceive the Infinite reality behind all things in the world; we are calm, have finesse and learn easily with intuition and grace; our movements are graceful and we are able to sense the imprint of all experience held in the Akashic Records. We have insight and mastery. We have tranquility, can see the unseen and know the Unknown. We are also able to sense long term and see the consequences of actions a long way ahead and have control of cause and effect.

If the Subtle Body were weak we might be gullible, naive, easily misled or awkward, clumsy or crude in speech or behaviour; restless, misunderstood or frustrated.

The Subtle Body examines the suggestions of the Soul: if the Soul suggests a certain action might be good, the Subtle Body will make refinements.
The Subtle Body is the ninth of the Ten Bodies. In numerology this means that anyone who’s birthday is on 9th, 18th or 27th might face challenges in the 9th Body and can strengthen it by the following:

a)  Antar Naad Meditation “Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung, Har Ray Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rung.” Where Sa is the totality of the Infinite and is very subtle, Ha is the creative force made manifest. This mantra connects you to the etheric realm and strengthens it in you. Also refines communication skills.

b)  Speak kindly and the Truth. We are what we say.

c)  The Subtle Body Kriya for Refinement from Waves of Healing Yogi Bhajan:

In easy pose chanting “Wahe” as the head turns to the left and “Guru” as the head turns to the right

d)  Choose a meditation to practice for 1,000 days.

e)  Cultivate good digestion.

f)  Practice the arts and develop appreciation of the arts.

g)  Think of Guru Bahadur, the guru associated with 9th Body