May 24 – 28 Retreat in Dorset

WAREHAM is a Saxon town. Beastewell is Medieval, and the farm where the retreats are held is listed in the Domesday Book. It is on North Bestwall Road (a corruption of Beastewell) I love the old name Beastewell, it brings to mind happy healthy animals drinking at the nearby river. Deer roam the fields throughout the year. Every night I see them in the field behind the garden, where we planted a Bluebell woodland. When I ask people what their dream peaceful environment would be, the idea of a bluebell wood comes up a lot. We are also 20 minutes from the excellent beaches of Studland, Swanage, Lulworth, and Poole.

Ever since I started teaching yoga ten years ago I dreamed of creating a sanctuary where people could hide and feel safe too. Where we could re-balance the elements in our bodies with nutritious food, yoga, and company. Where we could be playful and in touch with nature. Where we could have time to think and be, and intuit our priorities. It’s been ten years of saving up, searching, travelling the south coast and Wales, and eventually discovering the beautiful retreat in Wareham.


Sunday 12 noon start to arrive & explore/ 3 pm tea/ 4 pm Vinyasa/ 5 pm Gong Bath/ 7pm supper/ 9pm Celestial Communication

Monday 8 am Vinyasa/ 9:30 am shake & brunch/ 12 noon Restorative Yoga with singing bowls/ 2 pm Kundalini/ 3 pm beach or walk/ 7 pm supper/ 9 pm celestial communication

Tuesday 7:30 am Vinyasa/ 9:00 am shake & brunch/ 11 am beach or walk/ 4 pm Kundalini/ 5 pm Yoga Nidra/ 7 pm supper/ 9 pm Celestial Communication

Wednesday 7 am Vinyasa/ 8:30 am shake & brunch/ 10:30 am beach or walk/ 3-6 pm Aerial Yoga sessions 7 pm supper/ 9 pm Celestial Communication

Thursday 6:30 am Vigorous Kundalini/ 8:30 am shake & brunch 10:30 Gong Bath/ Love & light Goodbye Circle.

Sunrise in May is about 5 am Sunset is about 9 pm

Full moon is May 7, New Moon May 22

Phase during the retreat will be new moon waxing.

It is a small group orientated retreat, so if you vote to alter the schedule we will. If you would like to take a picnic lunch to the beach you can. If you want to do the Mantras under starlight with a campfire you can.

This is a dog-friendly retreat.