Here are some of the mantras from our retreat.

Enjoy them!

Mul Mantra

Sat Nam (Namo)

Antar Naad

Har Har Mukande

I am the Light of the Soul

Adays Tisai Adays. Bejahmin also did Pavan Pavan Pavan Guru

Sat Kartar

Shiva Shambho

Ad guray nameh

Ong namo guru dev namo

Adi Shakti

Mantra Girl:

Nirinjan Kaur:

Snatam Kaur:

Gobinday mukande

Ap sahaee hoa (I love Raviana!!)

Ra ma da sa

Here are the words and translation. Also the names of artists we used at the retreat, I found all of them on iTunes.

I am the light of the Soul, I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss, I am, I am!

Gurudass Kaur Khalsa

Pavan pavan pavan pavan, par para pavan guru, 

Pavan guru wahe guru, wahe guru pavan guru!

Benjahmin Steele

May the force be with you! Moves the prana and keeps you energised.

Sa re sa sa, sa re sa sa, sa re sa sa, sa rung 

Har re har har, har re har har, har re har har, har rung.

Nirinjan Kaur

The infinite origin, and the creativity on earth, woven together and projected through the sound of ung. Gives mastery of the spoken word, protection, wisdom of past present and future.

Har Har Mukande

Paramjeet Singh & Kaur

Creative aspect and liberating aspect. Removes fear and turns challenge into opportunity.

Sat Kartar

Maya Fiennes

Doer of Truth. Opens the heart, as it lets you rest in trust from your soul’s truth.

Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo, Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo

Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo, Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo

Máha Déva Shambo, Máha Déva Shambo

Máha Déva Shambo, Máha Déva Shambo

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo, Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo, Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo

Máha Déva Shambo, Máha Déva Shambo

Máha Déva Shambo, Máha Déva Shambo

Namaste – Magical Healing Mantra

Hail the bringer of bliss, Shiva the auspicious one! Lets you be free from chains and explore your potential. Joyful and gentle.

Ad guray nameh, jugad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru deve nameh

Laeela – Waves of Bliss

I call on the primal wisdom, the wisdom true through the ages, the true wisdom, the great unseen wisdom. You are guided from the primal core through every moment of experience, in your heart’s deepest truth by the infinity of your highest self. This mantra clears clouds of doubt and surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo!

Sat Hari Singh

I call on the creative consciousness and the subtle wisdom. An ancient yogic mantra which allows you to link instantly to the divine teacher within and centre in the higher self.

Adi Shakti, adi Shakti, adi Shakti, namo namo, 

Sarab Shakti, sarab Shakti, sarab Shakti namo namo,

Pritham bhagvati, pritham bhagvati, pritham bhagvati, namo namo,

Kundalini, mata Shakti, mata Shakti, namo, namo.

Snatam Kaur

First force of all creation, to you I bow; divine force everywhere, to you I bow; creative force, primal force, to you I bow; rising up, divine mother, to you I bow. Removes blocks to freedom of action. Brings a deeper understanding of the interplay between the manifest and unmanifest qualities of the cosmos and consciousness.

Wahe Guru!

Krishan – Kundalini Chillout

Wow! Bringer from dark to light! Ecstasy through knowledge and experience. Balancing of generating, organising and transforming principles. The infinite teacher of the soul.

Gobinday, mukanday, udaray, apare, hariung, kariung, nirnamay, akamay.

Spirit Voyage – Temple Spa

Sustaining, liberating, enlightening, infinite, destroying, creating, nameless, desire less. 

Protective astang mantra, can eliminate past karma, can purify the magnetic field and cleanse the subconscious. Balances the brain hemispheres, bringing compassion and patience.

Aap sahaee hoa sachay daa sachay dhoa, har, har, har!


The Source has become my protector, the Truest of the True has taken care of me, creation, creation, creation! Takes away negativity from the environment and from within. Lets you penetrate into the unknown without fear. Prosperity, protection and mental balance.

Ek ong kar, sat nam, karta purkh, nirbho, nirvair

Akaal moort, ajoonee, saibhang, gurprasad. Jap!

Aad such, jugged such, haibhee such

Nanak hosee bhe such.

Snatam Kaur

Creator and creation are one, name is Truth, doer of everything, without fear, without revenge

Illuminated, beyond time, beyond birth and death, by the Grace of the Guru. Meditate!

Primal Truth, true through all time, true now. Nanak, forever true. 

The first words of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, spoken by Guru Nanak. Highest mantra. It contains the root of sound that is the basis of all mantras. It orients like a compass to keep consciousness of our soul.

Sat Nam 

Ram Dass

Sat is truth – the reality of existence. Nam is identity or name. It is a bij (seed) mantra, the seed contains the knowledge of the fully grown tree. Awakens the soul and gives you your destiny. It also balances the five elements (tattvas). 7:1