Mantra explained

A mantra is the creative expression of the mind through sound. ‘Man’ means mind and ‘trang’ means wave.

‘Naam’ means what we vibrate we become. Our identity is formed of our frequency. And ‘Naad’ is the essence, or the centre of all sound. The Naad is the vibrational harmony through which the infinite is experienced, and Naad Yoga is the science of the Naad, how sound vibrations affect the body, mind and spirit through moving the mouth, stimulating the pressure points in the roof of the mouth with the tongue, which affects the chemicals in the brain. There are 84 pressure points in the mouth and they stimulate the pituitary which is connected by blood vessels to the hypothalamus where the chemicals are released that regulate basic functions of hunger, thirst, sleep, temperature, moods and sexuality.

‘Shabd’ means sound current that dissolves ego (ego that creates duality which obscures truth)

‘Shabd Guru’ is the quantum technology of sound that alters our consciousness through the power of Naad, i.e. sound as teacher. The intrinsic wisdom of the sound current.

A Bij mantra is a seed mantra, a seed planted in the unconscious, and within that seed all knowledge of the fully grown tree is contained. Here are some bij mantras:

‘Sat Naam’, Truth is my identity, this balances the five tattvas, it also awakens your soul and gives you your destiny.

‘Aum’, is the sound at the sixth chakra, for intuition and awareness

‘Ham’ is the bij mantra of the fifth chakra at the throat for truth and communication

An Astang mantra has eight parts. The rhythm of the kundalini responds well to the Astang, because kundalini is based on 8 chakra system and the astanga mantra stimulates each of the energy centres as they cover the spectrum of the qualities of the consciousness:

‘God and me, me and god are one’, aligns self with Source

‘Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam Siri Wahe Guru’, The Creator and all creation are one. This is our true identity. The ecstasy of this wisdom is great beyond words. The first mantra Yogi Bhajan taught us, it is a direct line between you and creation. Awakens kundalini energy and suspends the mind in bliss.

‘Ra, Ma, Da, Sa, Sa, Say, So, Hung’, combines earth (Ra, Ma, Da) and ether (Sa, Say, So, Hung) Sa is the linking word. It works through shushmuna to stimulate the kundalini flow through the eight chakras for healing.