When we practice our yoga at the Oxford studio the feel is relaxed and friendly. Being just round the corner from the shops is pretty convenient, and the busy Summertown environment makes it easy to run errands or visit a favourite coffee shop after class.

Right now the studio is being expanded and underfloor heating installed, ready for cosy autumn yoga sessions. By September we will be in the swing of classes again.

At the same time work has been going on apace at the barns in Wareham. It is an ancient place, the farm goes back to the Domesday Book and is listed as Beastewell. This is a name I am particularly fond of, because it conjures up an image of healthy animals drinking from the rivers nearby. Work has been continuous since last autumn: planting and harvesting vegetables, expanding the flower garden, cleaning and restoring furniture, fixing up the barns, planning retreats and hosting friends, writers, and yogis for relaxing visits.

The barns have lovely large oak beams and brick walls with lime mortar, they are a perfect size for yoga classes and recreation. It has been a labour of love bringing the barns back to their original beauty during the summer break from teaching.