The angle is often held in kriyas and meditations. It is the angle of the sun to the earth in the two hours before dawn when many kundalini yogis like to practice their sadhana. 

Sadhana is any daily activity that puts you in touch with your higher self. It usually involves some exercise, some meditation, some creative activity or form of gratitude. It means you decide your day, it gives you mental stamina. As a result your day is more original and meaningful. Mindfulness is a huge result of a daily sadhana, and if you try it you will see results immediately.

Don’t feel pressured to be doing a huge fancy practice each morning at dawn though. It is your thing entirely. For some it is a walk in nature. For others a swim in the sea or a river. Others may want to be silent and meditate. Others create music or art, surf or ski, skate or run. There are yogis who love to chant and that is how they reach their inner guru. It changes too, so what works for you for a few weeks/ months/ years might morph into a different activity as time goes on.

You probably do a sadhana of your own without even realising it. Those times when you have felt most together and in control of your destiny, it is likely that you spent some moments each day sustaining and enriching your Self.

Back to sixty degrees. When sun’s rays hit the planet before dawn at a longitude and latitude of sixty degrees, the power available for you is huge and it is when you will get the most return out of your sadhana. For maximum results use these ambrosial hours to your advantage, and find it so much easier to be in your Truth all day long!

Kundalini Yoga uses a lot of angles and straight lines for the most efficient energy flow, so sixty degrees is part of that. There are also meridians in the body that are stimulated when you hold your limbs at different angles. 

So for ego-eradicator, you hold your  arms out at sixty degrees and breathe kapalabhati. This strengthens the heart and lungs. It also strengthens the nervous system. Not only that; it is called ego eradicator because it opens the heart centre and brings balance.

When you lift your legs up by ninety degrees the higher glands – pineal, and pituitary – are stimulated. It is also good for your memory.

A bit less than a ninety degree lift and you stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid. Above two feet you affect the lungs, heart, and stomach. Under two feet you stimulate the gall bladder, spleen, liver, and pancreas. 

You get the picture. Meridians and the finer energy centres, or chakras are a big part of the reason for the shapes in Kundalini Yoga. It is a science of angles, and the subtle body is strengthened as well as the physical.

Enjoy your mornings!