You might know someone who raises the vibration of everyone with whom they come into contact (see the picture of Viktoria above). I have met such people and aspire to be like them. One way to move closer to that state is Sadhana. It is a daily spiritual practice. It doesn’t have to be yoga or exercise, it might be that you would paint, write, play music, walk, watch the trees or play with an animal for example. Something where you connect with your Truth.

Sadhana can be done alone or in a group. As a daily personal practice it disciplines the mind and body to let the infinite express itself in the soul. Morning sadhana will cleanse the subconscious. It builds up the inner resources to tap into when needed, it brings us closer to the Infinite. 

Teachers need a regular sadhana for radiance and impact. Also occasionally doing a long term 40-day, 90 or 120 day sadhana will develop specific areas both physically and mentally. Sadhana allows a teacher to go much deeper into practice than when they are demonstrating. 

For strong projection as a teacher, Sadhana gives a light that overcomes inner shadow and a steady level of consciousness which students respond to.

Sadhana alone is a deep personal experience, but group sadhana magnifies the experience. Yogi Bhajan recommends we imagine a million other people chanting alongside us if we practice alone. Group sadhana develops group consciousness. All the auras merge, and if one person tunes into the Infinite all the others present are lifted too. Everyone tunes in more easily to each other during the day.


Sadhana, aradhana and prabupati are discipline, attitude and mastery.

Once sadhana becomes an attitude it starts to connect self with Universal Self. So resistance to the constricts of sadhana have gone and it becomes a natural enjoyable activity, so there is more energy for subconscious clearing to speed up.

Prabupati then is the state of neutrality where subconscious has been cleared and there is no block to the link with Source. We can act in the highest consciousness moment by moment with freedom and creativity.